Press Release: MediaMosa Foundation

SURFnet and Kennisnet announce MediaMosa Foundation

Popularity of open source software leads to independent foundation

Utrecht/The Hague – 10 January 2013 – The open source “MediaMosa” software – created in partnership between SURFnet and the Kennisnet Foundation – has become the independent MediaMosa Foundation.

The decision to set up the foundation was taken because of the popularity of the open source software. MediaMosa enables educational institutions and research centres to construct their own video distribution platform. An increasing number of organisations – both Dutch and foreign, and not just in the higher education and research sector – are making use of MediaMosa. This makes the solution one of the most successful innovations created jointly by SURFnet and Kennisnet as part of the SURFnet/Kennisnet Innovation Programme.

The future
The core activities of the new foundation will be to guarantee the future of MediaMosa, to represent the interests of users, to promote the use of MediaMosa software, and to develop the software further. The foundation’s articles emphasise the open nature of the software. Development of the code is guaranteed by the foundation’s participants. The organisation consists of a board and a users’ council made up of representatives of the MediaMosa community, who will concern themselves with the roadmap and further development. Any institution or organisation with an interest in MediaMosa can join the users’ council and will pay an annual contribution.

MediaMosa has been developed to make it possible:

  • to manage, store, run and index all kinds of content, including video material, in a simple manner;
  • to create links to existing applications, for example an organisation’s own website, intranet, or a collaboration environment;
  • to easily integrate high-quality online video into lectures and lessons;
  • to set up video websites without having to deal with all kinds of awkward infrastructure issues

SURFnet’s Managing Director, Erwin Bleumink, thinks that setting up the independent MediaMosa Foundation is a logical follow-up: “MediaMosa has become a mature open source project that reaches beyond ‘project status’ and the Dutch education sector. Setting up a foundation guarantees its future, while making possible further development and community formation. It also guarantees continued involvement of educational institutions.”

Kennisnet’s Director, Marianne Mulder, says that personalising learning will be an important focus in the years ahead: “Digital learning materials make that possible. Video offers numerous options in the educational setting for conveying material to pupils in an interesting manner. MediaMosa is open source software that allows you to set up a media management and distribution platform. It is therefore the basis for numerous successful video services provided by SURFnet and Kennisnet for the Dutch education sector, for example Teleblik and Leraar24.”


About MediaMosa

MediaMosa has been developed within the “Drupal” Open Source Content Management System. Drupal CMS was chosen deliberately, not only because of the wide range of functions that it offers but above all because of its modular structure and scalability, and the worldwide community. MediaMosa includes functionality for searching for, playing, and uploading video and audio files, and is based on Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. The MediaMosa SiteBuilder offers a simple way of constructing a website that provides access to content stored in MediaMosa.